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Key Benefits of Self Driving in Rwanda

It has been more than a year that people across the country are staying indoors mostly and going out only when they have some...

Go Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Of the most popular wildlife viewing experiences in the world, encountering the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda and Rwanda is the...
Azimio Protests

Azimio La Umoja is Back in Action

Kenya's National protesting phenomenon is back in action spearheaded by the Azimio La Umoja party leader Raila Amoro Odinga. The peaceful demonstration is to...
Standard Chartered Bank

StanChart to sell five sub-Saharan Africa businesses to Access Bank

DUBAI, July 14 (Reuters) - Standard Chartered (STAN.L) said on Friday it has reached an agreement to sell its subsidiaries in five sub-Saharan African...
Car Hire in Tanzania

Important Steps for Renting a Car in Tanzania

When renting a car while on vacation, your first thought might be how many passengers you will have or if you will share the...
Titanic Submarine

Missing Tourists in Titanic Submarine Cause Sleepless Nights in US

Last week dated 17th, June 2023 tourists sub-marine departed from St. John's Newfoundland sailed and sunk to the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. There's fear...
Uganda the Pearl of Africa

5 Best Reasons You Should Visit Uganda

Hundreds of international tourists flock every year to Uganda as one of the most beautiful travel destination in Africa. Uganda continues to be a...
Driving in Niger

A Guide to Driving in Niger

Need to drive a rental car in Niger? Driving in a new destination like Niger is fun and unique experience but firstly, prior setting...
Kilimanjaro Hiking Tour

Africa’s Best 7 Natural Tourism Wonders

Earlier this year the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa were named at a ceremony in Arusha, Tanzania considered with tourism destination in Africa. Here...
Female Driver

How to Avoid Additional Driver Fees

Are you planning a long road trip and thinking of having an additional driver, yet worried about the possibility of being charged extra fees?...