5 Things Not to Do on Self Drive While in Africa

Self Drive in Africa

Do you have any plans to embark on self-drive trip in Uganda or Rwanda and you are not sure which things not to do? A self-drive tour is a memorable experience which involves you to discover new destinations on your own. Embarking on solo tour in Uganda or anyone East African state requires you to be very keen. To have enjoyable self-drive trip in Uganda, make sure that you avoid the following things.

Don’t drive for long

While driving can be enjoyable, spending long hours behind the wheels isn’t good too. Driving for long hours isn’t only tiring but also can lead to road accidents. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible but, in most cases, it becomes less enjoyable something any solo traveler should avoid on self-drive trip in Uganda or Rwanda. And given the nature of roads that lead to most tourist attractions/destinations in Uganda, it becomes more challenging navigating through them for without rest.

Hiring an unsuitable rental car

While there is need to save something to meet other expenses at the destination, don’t go by a rental car because it is cheaper. Cheaper things tend to be expensive at end. When choosing a rental car for your self-drive tours in Uganda, make sure you select a comfortable car that meets your travel needs. To avoid getting issues while on a road trip in Uganda or Rwanda, the best thing to do is rent one of our classic self-drive safari rental cars. We have wide range of rental cars that suit every solo travelers’ needs and they include among others the 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers, Toyota Corolla and Super Customs.  Hiring anyone of our self-drive safari rental cars gives solo travelers a peace of mind.

Before setting off, don’t forget to carryout thorough check up on the self-drive safari rental you plan to use. Ensure all the tyres, brakes, windows, wipers and others are in better condition. Failure to identify and taking note of any errors prior embarking on your road trip may cost you as it will be counted on you.

Being more adventurous

While self-drive safari tour is more of discovering new tourist destinations, it requires some keenness among solo travelers on Uganda self-drive tour. Most roads or routes that lead visitors to most tourist sites in Uganda are not up to the international standard but they are within East African standards. The marram roads do differ and driving on them may seem challenging for new visitors. When planning a self-drive trip, your comfort does matter a lot and it is exactly what we need our solo travelers to get.

Not knowing where you are heading to

Self-drive tours are more of adventure-you discover new destinations and are routes to your dream destination. Given the nature of this trip, solo travelers need to be well-prepared. In your self-drive safari car, make sure that you have the GPS coverage and in cases where the GPS network may get disrupted, don’t forget to have a good road Atlas. Most importantly, always be in touch with our team and we shall give you any assistance required.

Driving during late hours

You may not be sure what time to get your destination. However, try to get there or hotel early and don’t drive at night. We may not specify what time you should leave to start your road trip to your dream destination but make sure you are there early before it gets dark. Late driving is very risky despite the fact that Uganda is a peaceful country, it is never 100 percent safe just like any country in the world. Or get the hotel management informed what time you are most likely to check in at the hotel.

In summary, self-drive tours in Uganda are exceptional way to discover different destinations on your own and at your pace. For lasting self-drive safari experiences in Uganda, Rwanda simply get in touch with our reservation team and we have your dreams achieved.


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