Things to Check Before Renting a Car for Rwanda Self Drive

Rwanda Car Rental

Planning to hit the road on self-drive for your next trip in Rwanda? Whether it is a safari tour or travel to visit friends and family, having a ride on your own on these roads is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy your trip. However, to have a smooth trip, you need some bit of planning and also stay safe behind the wheels amidst the road trip.

Just ask those who are renting self-drive cars, they would have discovered the joys of their long drive and would have never considered cab as an option at all. Sounds interesting to you? Are you planning on renting a self-drive car for this vacation?

A great choice let the excitement seamlessly flow to your road trip. Better clarity of things to look for while signing the agreements will allow you to take pleasure in the convenience of having a Rwanda car rental, without paying unanticipated charges.

Here are the things to check before renting a self-drive car in Rwanda

Reviews about the self-drive car company

Why not browse the internet and look for some reliable car rentals company before finalizing one? Do some research before heading out on the road to ensure that you book a rental car from an authorized service? Go online and check that the car service is legit by checking out their website, reading reviews of previous customers and checking the options available for self-drive cars. And choose a self-drive car service which offers a good service over choosing a ‘cheap and best’ rental car. This can save you a lot of time, money and worry when you’re out on the road.

Choose the right car

Choose a rental car based on your choice of road trip; whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to the beach or going off-roading on hilly roads or taking a leisurely intercity trip. The rates vary for different types and models of self-drive cars and it can greatly impact your budget. Thus, diesel cars for long journeys is a sensible choice while a comfy hatchback or even a luxurious Land cruisers can help you out in traffic during intra city travel.

Ask all the detail about the car

We positively didn’t deny on your familiarity about car models and how to drive them, but the things that you don’t know is, about the renting car’s mileage, oil levels, age of the vehicle, petrol or diesel vehicle, availability of road support, and more. Try asking questions about that particular car that you are going to rent and acquire all the required details.

Look for ‘Hidden’ or ‘Other’ Costs:

When you make a car booking, there are few things like insurance, security deposit, damages etc. which can raise the basic rent. It is important to read all the terms & conditions, check liabilities in case of an accident and compare rates and tariffs to confirm that you’re being charged the right rental price.

If you’re not careful, you may end up paying a lot more than planned and in case of over-speeding or breaking suddenly (many self-drive cars have smart tech sensors for that now), you can also lose your security deposit.

Take a better look at any damages

Take a walk around the car and also peep inside for any damages. You do not want to take up the responsibility of the last person’s reckless driving. Isn’t it? It is just going to take a few minutes to check the car for the damages. If you find any, ask the car rentals company to make a note of it on their paperwork. Why not click few pictures in your smartphone to have evidence? It helps you when you are surrendering the car and if your rental company is charging for the damage.

Check for the Fuel levels

The car rentals companies deliver the car with a full tank fuel. However, while collecting the keys, ensure the fuel levels to verify whether it is on a full tank.  Some companies offer, with or without fuel package whereas some covers the fuel cost in rental charges. Whatever be the package you are using, it is better to check by yourself the fuel levels to avoid any hiccups while returning the vehicle.

Read the contract thoroughly before you sign

Don’t go easy on this part. You need to study the fine prints of terms and conditions also analyze their tariffs then choose. Some companies renting self-drive car rentals by limiting the kilometers according to the number of days you are renting. Some might ask for security or caution deposit and some come with hidden charges. It all differs according to the car renting company that you choose, so look for kilometer limit, cancellation policy, fuel charges, caution deposit, types of payment accepted, process while returning and fees for the delay, you can even check for discounts and refunds.

Have your papers ready

When you hire a car, they might ask you for a copy of the necessary documents such as Driving License, credit card, and Passport. Some companies do facilitate the online uploading of scanned documents to their website or app. Ensure that while uploading through online, the documents are clear and readable. Be ready with the documents to avoid any last minute complication.

With so many car rentals companies offering a large fleet of cars, choose the car rental company that gives you the maximum value and allows you to enjoy the trips with no strings attached. Remember, a cheap car rental is not always a safe rental and is not going to assure you reliability. A trusted provider who has built a strong reputation with a combination of these factors affordability, variety, feasibility, convenience, and security can leave you a worry-free car renting.


Self-Drive Cars have become quite the rage today. It’s a safe, convenient & cost-effective way of traveling and makes many fun road trips. And with so many self-drive car rentals available at your fingertips, you are spoilt for choice. But the best company in Rwanda is Rwanda car rental, feel free to ask any question.


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