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Things to Check Before Renting a Car for Rwanda Self Drive

Planning to hit the road on self-drive for your next trip in Rwanda? Whether it is a safari tour or travel to visit friends...

Congo Travel: Bucket list Things to See & Do

Formerly known as the Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest country in Africa. She borders South Sudan, The Central African...
Lion Electrocuted in Uganda

Lions Found Killed by Electricity in Queen Elizabeth Park

Three lions have been reported to have been killed by electricity in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. This incident happened on April 25th 2022....

Oxygen for Cure

Living things, especially Humans, need oxygen for all of life processes. When it comes to good health and healing, the essence of oxygen can...

How Your Pocket Affects Your Confidence

Three things you’ll learn from this article: The fact that your confidence and self-esteem are strongly connected to your finances. Borrowing from people, indebtedness...