Things to Know When Renting a Car in Uganda

4x4 Uganda Car Rental

Have you ever thought about hiring or renting car for a safari holiday in Uganda? Did you know that car rental services are by far better to use for safaris in Uganda than you using your own or public means? Get to know about this now and don’t be left behind as others achieve their dreams! With the continued growth in tourism sector in Uganda, it is not surprising that various companies have begun investing in car hire/rental services in order to address an ever escalating travel demand by visitors in and around the country. Car hire services have become the most comfortable, stress free and safe transportation means in Uganda today. Given the nature of Uganda’s remotest roads where most attraction are conserved our Toyota Rav4 or 4 by 4 safari cars are able to take you through all kinds of routes where you are supposed to spend your holiday. Using 4×4 car rental in Uganda comes with several benefits rather than risks and costs!!

Below is a list of benefits that visitors can obtain from using car rental services/car hire services over personal cars/public means in Uganda.

Visitors do not need to be stressed with small damages

Using car rental services in Uganda is of significance to travelers as it safeguards them from the stress and costs that accrue from damaging your personal car. With car hire or car rental, travelers are protected by company insurance policy that addresses such related damages and at the end of the day, you save money and time that you were going to spend on unplanned occurrences.

Hire a driver

Visitors can hire a car for self drive safaris in Uganda since it is a relatively affordable alternative; however, hiring a driver to take you through your tour is safer and a convenient alternative especially where you are not familiar with the routes in the remote destinations. Your driver can help you connect to various points that seem unfamiliar to you meanwhile you sit comfortably and enjoying your ride. Hiring a driver on self drive safari also comes with additional benefits like exploring the background information on tourist attraction, wildlife species and other updates that your driver can also supplement while you are in a safari. Most importantly, for cases of breakdowns, your driver can also be in position to address without you looking for a mechanic.

With car rental, travelers are able to drive other types of cars

Once you choose to rent a car with our car rental company and it happens that you land in your car of choice, this offers you opportunity to drive other types of cars. Usually, visitors are presented with a wide range of choices and you won’t be left out of option from our fleet of cars for you to drive. In case you have not driven a customized safari vehicle or luxury type, our car rental services are available for you to achieve your dreams at pocket friendly prices and favorable terms and conditions.

No maintenance and service costs

With car rental services in Uganda, visitors don’t incur additional costs like car servicing after the safari. Maintenance costs are catered by the company and this saves visitors from incurring such costs from their personal cars.

In conclusion, there are several car rental services in and around Uganda that you can choose based on your budget and travel needs. Car rental services have wide range of benefits compared to using your own car while in your safari holiday in Uganda. These benefits include no maintenance and service costs, hiring a driver, opportunity to drive other types of cars among others.


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