It’s Half Year, Have You Achieved Any Of Your Resolutions Yet?

New Year Resplutions

It’s June, the middle month of the year and my question is how many people have achieved at least half of the resolutions they made at the beginning of this year?

Or have you lost the New Year’s resolve and fallen back into your comfort zone!

Did you make realistic resolutions that can actually be achieved?

Before you know it, the year will be ending and the only question on your mind will be: “Have I fulfilled all my resolutions this year?”

The reason people have abandoned their resolutions is because they try to design something completely unrealistic and by the time they know it (a year or more later), you realise it isn’t what you really need at all.

So make resolutions that should be used as your guiding map throughout the year. However, fulfilling these targets can tend to be difficult if you are not a focused person.

New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain.

It is advisable to vow to do less as the year begins because they are easy to fulfill. Some researchers argue that when busy people get busier, it leads to ignored deadlines, a cluttered desk, and a vicious cycle of falling further and further behind.

When you make too many and unrealistic plans, by the time you realize it, the year will be half way and you will have made bad decisions one after another.

So think of what you have done this year (good and bad), how you can do it better in the remaining time (6 months) and prepare to make achievable resolutions.

Beliefnet guides one on how to make realistic New Year resolutions and keep them.

  1. New Year, New you
  2. Think of last year
  3. Write it down
  4. Don’t try to do it all in January
  5. From big goals to baby steps

There are also good ways to set achievable goals, the usual advice applies (so-called S.M.A.R.T. goals):

  • Be Specific: how do achieve something vague?
  • Measurable: how will you know when you’ve done it?
  • Achieveable/Realistic: very important that you don’t set yourself up to fail.
  • Timebound: deadlines make goals easier to achieve.


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