5 Best Reasons You Should Visit Uganda

Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Hundreds of international tourists flock every year to Uganda as one of the most beautiful travel destination in Africa. Uganda continues to be a favorite gorilla trekking safari spot in many aspects for both budget and luxury travelers. With the amazing mountain gorillas, Lakes, Rivers, food, natural scenery, beautiful islands, Chimpanzees, Wildlife, cities, as well as the friendly happy people, there are plenty of reasons to travel to Uganda.

Spectacular Beauty

Where in Africa can you find   stunning rain forest , warm weather, birds, mountains, wildlife ,primates, lakes, Rivers, mountains, volcanoes and much more its only Uganda the Pearl of Africa a perfect destination for all kinds of Africa safari tours. Are you looking for the best travel destination in Africa? look no further other than Uganda. A trip to Uganda is like a beautiful dream where you have pinch yourself to believe what your eyes are seeing. Just explore the country on a budget Uganda safari, luxury or rent a car and discover the wonderful country beauty on your own with the help of a map.

Multi Culture Country

Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot evidenced by the existence of 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five different linguistic groups. The most ancient is still seen in the Batwa (pygmies) the famous known forest hunters that occupied much of East Africa living behind a living legacy in Bwindi forest national Park, Mgahinga National Park and Nyero rocks. Don’t miss to enjoy the traditional music and dances from Uganda trips and different ways of worship on of the main reasons you will definitely visit Uganda again or recommend it to friends and family.

Gorilla Haven

Uganda is a top known gorilla trekking safari country that is affordable and amazing for any kind of traveler. With the two mountain gorilla national parks-Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forest, the country owns half of the living mountain gorillas in the world. It’s only in Uganda where you can track gorillas and hike the volcanoes, track gorillas and golden monkeys and also explore the other nearby tourist attractions like the Lake Mutanda and Bunyonyi island at a cost friendly rate. If you not a high end traveler or you want to track gorillas on a midrange budget Uganda in the finest destination we would recommend.

Ecotourism Experience

Beyond doubt Uganda is another special eco tourism paradise destination. If you want to enjoy your vacation holiday in an eco friendly destination, then visit Uganda and get experience firsthand nature, wildlife, landscape etc. Green vegetation is everywhere a colour that reigns year round. All you need is a day or two or three to get lost in nature tourism and relax.

Most Hospitable Country

Though Uganda has a thousand reasons to be visited, can’t forget the hospitality of the people-travel agents, national park rangers, lodge and hotel staff to mention but a few. Once you fly to Uganda comfort starts immediately as you land feeling as if you have just visited your old friends. Those on long stays find it amazing to walk around and even explore some areas on their own. The country is very safe no matter when you chose to visit.


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