Amazing African Trips Offers Great Adventures to Africa


Amazing African Trips is proud to offer both guided and self-drive adventures to Africa.

Amazing African Trips, a Zaandijk-based travel agency, is excited to announce that they provide self-guided tours and gorilla trekking trips throughout Africa.

Martin Sheep, the founder of Amazing African Trips, explains that “after having enjoyed working with LiveToSeeAfrica for a number of years, we decided to set up Amazing African Trips and specialize in traveling to Eastern Africa. During our time at LiveToSeeAfrica we were already involved in Eastern Africa and now we can focus even more on that with Amazing African Trips, which will only benefit our travel offer.”

Amazing African Trips provides a wide variety of travel agency services to help you self drive in Africa, which are all offered on its website at

Sheep continues to state that, “we have built up a lot of knowledge and experience through our regular trips to Eastern Africa. During every trip, we learn something new and we use that in our travels. We really enjoy translating our own experiences into beautiful trips to Africa.”

With so many people seeking adventure in Africa, it can be difficult for thrillseekers to know who to trust to plan their vacation. That’s where Amazing African Trips comes in. With a focus on interesting itineraries and quality customer service, Amazing African Trips’ travel planning services are guaranteed to get you the trip you need to succeed.

In addition, Sheep shares that, “during our travels in Africa we are constantly amazed at the beauty of this continent; from the animals you see everywhere and the beautiful landscapes with lakes, rivers, and high mountains, but also from the friendly, hospitable and often inventive people and colorful local markets. Africa is astonishingly beautiful, hence the name ‘Amazing African Trips.’

About his personal travel experience, Sheep states that “traveling is in my blood. In the past, when the world was not as small as it is now, especially in Europe. Later the voyages continued, to Indonesia, Thailand, Central America, the Caribbean, and Egypt. In recent years I have pledged my heart to Africa. I have learned that once you have been to Africa, you get infected with the Africa virus and keep coming back. Nowadays I travel in Africa at least once a year, but preferably more often.”

Ready to plan one of your first amazing Africa trips?

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About Amazing African Trips: Amazing African Trips is a travel agency that is based out of Zaandijk, The Netherlands.

Official Disclaimer: “Amazing African Trips is a small-scale travel organization with a large African network and organizes trips to Eastern Africa.”


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