South Africa’s #MeetSouthAfrica Bloggers to Search for Next Dream Destination


South Africa destination marketing organizations have organized yet another campaign where bloggers from all over the world will traverse South Africa in search of the next dream destination.

A group of bloggers will travel South Africa in search of the ideal activities, accommodation and destinations for their readers between 2 May and 11 May 2014.

They will be followed through the use of the hashtag #MeetSouthAfrica.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of South African Tourism, Mr Thulani Nzima, since bloggers have become an important source of information for those searching for their next dream destination, destination marketing organisations are taking heed to their importance as a part of their digital marketing scope.

“South African Tourism has always been known as a leading organisation when it comes to digital marketing, and this year will be no different,” he said.

“We’re looking forward at INDABA to hosting a new pool of bloggers that are eager to come and Meet South Africa, explore our destination and convey what they find back to the world,” added Nzima.

These bloggers will all start in Johannesburg, and then head out to other parts of the country over the course of the week leading up to INDABA 2014.

“We will be following their every move through the use of the hashtag #MeetSouthAfrica and we have lots of exciting elements and activities planned,” adds Nzima.

This year’s activities include scheduled Instawalks – city walks with local Instgrammers who will show off their favourite photo spots – open to the public in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban; a Blogger’s Cocktail Event in Durban ahead of INDABA and panel discussion happening in the new TechZone at INDABA 2014.

South African Tourism first instituted its #MeetSouthAfrica Blogger’s Campaign in 2013 with the aim of opening up a new form of communication with potential travellers looking for their next holiday destination. The campaign saw over 219-million impressions of the hashtag across various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

INDABA 2014 opens on May 10 at the Durban International Convention Centre.


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