#stopxenophobia: We Are Not Going to Attend Their Shows!!!


It is very interesting how the South Africans lashing out at foreigners and Zimbabweans especially do not think about the kind of support we give their country. The best of our people are in South Africa contributing in no small way to their development in all sectors. When it comes to their products? Zimbabweans flock to South Africa for shopping and here in the Motherland, its mostly South African products too that are bought the most. And why are South African artists tripping over themselves coming here for shows? Because Zimbas love to party and spend and we give them loads of cash over here. And for all that what do we get? We are given demeaning names, treated worse than pigs and as if that is not enough they go on to even publicly declare their hatred towards us!

Tirikumbonyanyo nyengerera chii nhai maZimba? We can do without these people! Come on, we survived the worst when no one thought it possible, and even if we would rather be elsewhere besides home – have we not made it in virtually all parts of the world? And ever since things began to pick up, we have such variety in our shops that I doubt we should lose sleep over not having anything branded ‘proudly South African’. Proudly South African indeed!

There is nothing to be proud about really for a people who have enough courage to “kick down a statue of a dead white man, but won’t even attempt to slap a live one, yet they can stone to death a black man simply because he is a foreigner…” I was shocked this one time I visited my aunt in Vanderbijlpark and there was a salon we were told wasn’t for black people. To make their point, a super scary Afrikaans lady guard was blocking our entrance! Now instead of directing their frustrations at the actual people who are taking what is theirs they kill fellow black brothers. The ones who when during their time of need in the apartheid times we opened our doors to, today they treat us like so?

We have already said there is not much we can do about this because South Africa is their country and they are allowed to not want foreigners in their homeland. They are allowed to have whatever perceptions they have. I mean, if the letter from some institution that went viral on WhatsApp is anything to go by where they claim that in 2011 they were 7million in Joburg and now they are at 13million, it is understandable that we have in fact just become too many in that country. What I and everyone else maintain however, is that torturing and killing our people is not the way! And if any Zimba there sees that the end result is going to be death anyway, GO DOWN SWINGING and kill those good for nothing pieces of ungratefuls!

And here in Zimbabwe, while there isn’t much we can do about this, we can most definitely show support to our kinsmen in distress by NOT ATTENDING ANY SOUTH AFRICAN SHOW in this country. Come on, they treat us like s**t and have the nerve to want to come and take our dollars too? And expect us to dance to their music as if all is well? ALL IS NOT WELL! And until there has been a change, anything South African should not even be an option – WE SIMPLY WON’T DO!

Even if you love their music, even if the artists claim to not be one with their people, AS LONG AS YOU ARE A ZIMBABWEAN show some pride and patriotism and stop supporting the people disrespecting our people! Matter of fact, Immigration should just stop them before they even set foot on Zimbawean soil. If they could stop Freshlyground from coming last year, I don’t see why Casper Nyovest, Big Nuz and the rest of the team set to come here this month shouldn’t be afforded the same treatment? But let’s say their hands are tied and they do manage to enter our beloved country PLEASE ZIMBABWEANS – DO NOT ATTEND THEIR SHOWS!

Until they stop this unjustified cruelty against our people – DO NOT SUPPORT ANYTHING SOUTH AFRICAN!


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