Going to Church in Zimbabwe: True Conversion or a Mere Fashionable Trend


Once upon a time there were Mathias and Mildred. Then came Pastor Chris. Now we have Hubert Angel, Makandiwa, Prophet Magaya…. more even. And tomorrow? Who is going to have us under their spell?

Why do I say spell? Well because if it isn’t that, then there is no word for it. How else would one explain the sudden almost fanatic fascination with certain preachers and churches? Someone just yesterday was telling me how he was struck dumb after having visited a friend’s house. Apparently, this friend had pictures of a certain pastor and his wife everywhere in their house – on the fire place as pictures, on the wall as a huge poster, and printed on cloths decoratively strewn.

Now, it is important to note that nowhere in this house was there found a portrait of even a single verse. So putting this together with my hearing in virtually almost in every conversation of what happened at church during the weekend, plans for a midweek prayer meeting or choir practice, meetings with the pastor and the whole lot – I cannot help but wonder if going to church for most of us is really true conversion or just a mere fashion statement.

And what of the “fishers of men”. Do they have an honest calling? Pure intentions of spreading the true Word of God? I was at a salon earlier on this week and during the two and a half hours I was there, two sets of preachers came in one after the other and after having finished their “services” they asked for contributions to “bless” the “man of God”.

This latter activity of course perplexed me extremely, but it is the presence of these people in a salon that got me annoyed in the first place. What in the world where they doing there? And two of them coming one after the other in the short time I was there? How many had come before and how many more came after I had left? Sure, one may argue that Jesus did say “go ye therefore…” Yes, He did in fact say that. But I’m pretty sure He did not say while you are at it, force your way. Because when I go to a salon, or board a bus, I haven’t gone there for a church service. If I wanted that, I would have gone to church.

Let’s discuss public preaching for a moment here. I have no qualms with say, street preachers for instance. Why? Because they choose what seems to them a hotspot. Anyone who wants to listen can go stand around them and listen. Anyone who doesn’t, they can just walk on by as if nothing is happening. And that is exactly how it should be. Everyone has preferences, and the right to choose what we will or will not listen to must be respected.

Making noise and disturb the peace whilst in a salon or a bus? That’s just ridiculous. At least distribute literature and recorded sermons with your contact details in such places so that whoever is interested can contact you for further help. And then asking for money? What is that all about? I find it ironic that if you are going to preach the prosperity gospel non-stop and declare plentiful harvest for everyone, and then soon after, you ask money from us. That same gospel isn’t working for you. Why do you need to beg for money? If I had heard a sentence or two from the sermons, nothing was left after this because it all seemed like a scam. People preying on innocent souls and taking advantage of them and making a dishonest living out of it.

Personally, I think I prefer honest thieves to this group of people. At least thieves are honest to themselves and their victims of what they truly are. These wolves in sheep’s clothing sadly are a whole different matter and what is sad is that there are actually people who fall for this. A lot of people at that.

Is it that these wannabe men of God are skilled in the art of deception or people are just gullible? And if they are, why are they like that? Hard times? Desperation? Or is it that maybe, people are just lost, they feel the need for a supernatural being to worship and the end result is that most are taken by every wind that blows? I can only wonder.


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