Condoms Stuck in Man’s Stomach


The man who was busted last week with condoms stuffed with drugs in his stomach still has many in his stomach.

Alpha Camara from Guinea on Saturday last week vomited condoms at Entebbe International Airport. He was forced to vomit after he was seen walking awkwardly. He had landed into the country at the airport from Panama, South America.

At the moment, he is being treated at Entebbe Hospital but several condoms are still stuck in his body. Last week, he vomited 27 drug stuffed condoms and this week, 11 more were got out of his body but there are still more in his body.

Head of intelligence at the airport, Tinka Zarugaba said they are still waiting for Camara to be fully recovered to be charged with among other things drug trafficking.

If convicted, according to the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotrophics Control Bill 2007, he will carry a maximum punishment of imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine not less than Shs1 million.


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