5 Best Destinations for Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Bwindi Gorilla

Gorilla trekking is among those African safaris that may not popularly identify with Africa. Outside the common African safari norm of watching wildlife in an open roof safari car, gorilla trekking is generally a hiking trip. The only thing that makes it stand out from most of the hiking trips is the fact that you hike with an aim of meeting gorillas in their natural habitat.

On the African continent, gorillas are found in East, west and central Africa. Therefore, for anyone considering a gorilla safari, they will have a list of choices to consider. In order to narrow down your list, you will simply have to choose among the following countries; Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic republic of Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria ,Central African Republic, and Congo.

However, the above list of countries still seems too long for you to make a choice. For that matter, we bring you the best five gorilla trekking destinations in Africa;

Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda)

Among all destinations on the African continent, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park stands out as the best destination for gorilla safaris on the African continent. This is partly due to their efforts in infrastructure development that in the end has improved their gorilla watching experience above that of their neighbors.

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