African Tourism Investment Marketing Summit Launched


Wongsang Worldwide announced this week the launch of the African Tourism Investment Marketing Summit (ATIMS), a strategic event for bankable Tourism projects in Sub-Sahara Africa.

This summit is believed to comprise of strategic Tourism Opportunities available for investment in Sub-Sahara Africa. Marketing agencies, investment banks and hedge fund leaders had an opportunities to present their credentials to Heads of state, Minister of Tourism, ambassadors, country trade Representatives on why sub-Sahara Africa is important for investments in the tourism Sector.

Each country presented a symposium on business, Trade and investment opportunities in their Countries and strategic projects with bankable deliverable.
As Tourism was recognized as one of Africa’s greatest but most under-invested assets. The 2013 ATIMS aims at building the success of the summit which brought investors and ministers together to address the commercialization of tourism opportunities.

The agency aims for 100 plus investment projects across the Sub-Sahara continent that need immediate investment. Governments were encouraged to register their existing projects with the summit committee that will comprise of hedge fund managers, investment bankers and wealth management consultants with finance partnerships that are capable of increasing tourism’s economic and political significance as a driver for integration and development across Africa.

“The summit will bring together the best resources that the United States, Canada and Caribbean has to offer. I’m very excited about all the great opportunities that ATIMS will bring”, Says Damion Wongsang Jr. Director

The summit is already looking at the first Infrastructure and Tourism Investment Roundtable with the Government of nine different countries which includes, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe, who have already a combination of 51 tourism projects that need funding.

About The African Tourism Investment Marketing Summit (ATIMS)

The African Tourism Investment Marketing Summit is a strategic event that will bring together ministers of tourism and heads of state with investment banks and marketing agencies to better prepare Africa for investment in strategic tourism projects that will lead to sustainable job growth and strategic alliances.

The mission of the summit will focus on tourism in Sub-Sahara with project-based objectives. Unlike most summits that start the conversation the (ATIMS) will focus on projects that are Fork ready which means deliverables are obtainable after the summit is over. The concept was dreamed up after the founding director Damion Wongsang a native –Chinese Jamaican was Consulting independent developers in South Africa and Zambia on securing investments for their projects via United States investment banks.


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