Missing Tourists in Titanic Submarine Cause Sleepless Nights in US

Titanic Submarine

Last week dated 17th, June 2023 tourists sub-marine departed from St. John’s Newfoundland sailed and sunk to the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. There’s fear conspiracy upon whether tourists will be rescued or wreck aged 12, 5000 feet’s under Atlantic waters.

According to the chief in charge of the search and rescue mission Rear Admiral John Mauger informed the press that the lost sub marine is about 370 off the shores of Newfoundland Canada.

He again addressed and justified that “We don’t have equipment onsite that can do survey on the bottom of the sea,” As of now, the search and rescue mission is conducted and ongoing under the command of Mauger.

Following the historical wreckage of Titanic ship in 1912, accountable 111 years now, The Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. It is one of the most famous shipwrecks in history.

The Titanic was considered to be the largest and most luxurious ship of its time, and its sinking resulted in the loss of more than 1,500 lives. The tragedy led to significant changes in maritime safety regulations and practices.

The wreck of the Titanic was discovered in 1985, about 370 miles (600 kilometers) southeast of Newfoundland, Canada, by a team led by Dr. Robert Ballard. The ship rests at a depth of approximately 12,500 feet (3,800 meters) on the ocean floor. Over the years, several expeditions have been conducted to explore the wreck and document its condition.

Due to the depth and challenging conditions, accessing the Titanic wreck is difficult, and only a limited number of manned and unmanned missions have been undertaken. The wreck is protected under international law, and its preservation and conservation are important to maintain its historical and cultural significance.

This raised concerns among different personalities and boded sub marine i order to tour at the bottom where the ship Titanic crushed.

Reports indicates that famous tourist’s sub could be stuck in the known shipwreck at the bottom. Five common and popular figures issued and pinned on paper to be stuck under the deadly water body.

Reports indicated the British billionaire Harmish Harding, Shahza Dawood and his son Suleiman Dawood coming from Pakistan the richest and wealthiest personalities in the region, Frenchman Paul Henri Nargeolet, and the OceanGate founder and the CEO Stockton Rush. All these are confirmed to be in trimmers deep in Atlantic Ocean.

Press today revealed that the absentees are running out of Oxygen and believed to be left with only hours of their life time.

Main man in the search and rescue deliberately informed the press as ” We are doing everything we can do to locate the submersible and rescue those on board.”


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