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Kilimanjaro Hiking Tour

Africa’s Best 7 Natural Tourism Wonders

Earlier this year the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa were named at a ceremony in Arusha, Tanzania considered with tourism destination in Africa. Here...
Female Driver

How to Avoid Additional Driver Fees

Are you planning a long road trip and thinking of having an additional driver, yet worried about the possibility of being charged extra fees?...
New Year Resplutions

It’s Half Year, Have You Achieved Any Of Your Resolutions Yet?

It’s June, the middle month of the year and my question is how many people have achieved at least half of the resolutions they...
Rwanda Silverback Gorilla with Baby

Up Close with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

On a recent visit to Rwanda, I went on a trek to find the country's most famous animal inhabitant – the mountain gorilla,...
Wear a Black Suit

How To Wear a Black Suit – A Complete Suit Guide – By ”...

A black suit is in theory, the staple of the all staples in regards to formal attire. Is it difficult to wear yes?, because...