Bonafide Africa: Your Consultant Experts


Local Uganda logistics and consultancy company, Bonafide Africa, has versatile experience in logistics, event planning, and management across Africa! The company offers consultancy to both the public and private sectors and has successfully worked on projects in East and Central Africa. Bonafide Africa is highly rated among satisfied customers and clients for their experience, expertise, and resourcefulness in helping businesses pave a way for diverse sectors.

By offering an array of services such as travel, tourism, transportation, consumer products, financial services, and tax services, Bonafide Africa has served hospitality, advisory, financial, public and private sectors, energy, and environment industries successfully in over 300 unique cases. The company also has years of qualified experience in professional and expert financial, business, consumer, and environmental services.

Bonafide Africa is also proud to offer business solutions on their blog that addresses frequently asked tax questions, debt, IT infrastructure, and much more! For more information about the services Bonafide Africa offers, please visit

About Bonafide Africa: As a relatively new company, Bonafide Africa has made an impressive name for itself by becoming a “diverse professional firm” that maintains its focus on logistics and consultancy. The company has over 10 years of experience in logistics and event management for all of Africa! As a company that is dedicated to “identifying and providing tailored solutions” to clients that focus on shifting from “what now?” to “what next?” Bonafide Africa is one of the leading companies in Africa that is committed to its clients to helping them find business solutions.

By offering a variety of consulting services such as travel, tourism, transportation, business consulting, consumer products, financial services, MICE management, and tax services, Bonafide Africa has extended its services to include Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and Car Rental Rwanda to provide self-driving tours to travelers and excursionists for a fun-filled trip! Founded recently in 2020, Bonafide Africa aimed at bringing essential business, logistics, and consulting services closer to clients and customers. Highly rated for their attention to detail, experience in financial and business services, experience, and ability to create, build and maintain strong client relationships, Bonafide Africa has claimed the title of one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies of its kind in Kampala, Uganda.

Bonafide Africa is proud to be a company that supports essential businesses which is evident in their values of “trade with trust” to ensure a strong foundation of trustworthiness among businesses and clients. The consulting firm has dedicated their time to making sure their team is completely well-trained and experienced to approach each unique client with the care and consideration they deserve. For more information about Bonafide Africa and their philosophy, please visit


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