Turkey Will Further Develop Relations With Gambia – Turkish Ambassador


The Turkish Ambassador to The Gambia, Ergin Sooner, said on Friday that Turkey has the will to further develop the relations between Turkey and The Gambia.

He was speaking at the Gambia-Turkey Business and Investment Forum organized by GIEPA, Ministry of Trade, GCCI and the Turkish Embassy held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Speaking at the forum, Ambassador Soner said Turkey has the will to further develop the relations between Turkey and The Gambia, that have been improved significantly in all areas, especially in terms of investment and trade.

He said a wide range of the Turkish delegation consisting of 30 people from different sectors has been in the Gambia for a four-day visit to enhance bonds of brotherhood, cultural and trade cooperation between Turkey and The Gambia.

He added that the Vice President of Turkey, Justice Academy, Counselor of Turkish Grand National Assembly and deputy director of university of Aydin and businessmen comprise the delegation.

This is the first visit of its kind in Turkey-Gambia bilateral relations, he said, adding that twinning agreement would also be signed between Aydin Province of Turkey and the West Coast Region of The Gambia, during the visit.

Turkey and The Gambia have been enjoying for a long time, friendly and brotherly relations based on common cultural affinities and a deep rooted past, he said.

He added that Turkey is a member of the G20, an emerging donor country, and one of the 17 largest economies in the world and Europes 6th largest economy.

The Turkish diplomat further disclosed that they have a well-educated qualified and competitive work force, important domestic market, competitive and dynamic private sector, highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications, and energy sectors; being an energy terminal and corridor in Europe, Asia, middle East and the Mediterranean, connecting east and west, having a customs union.

Momodou Badjie, Gambian Ambassador to Turkey, said the traditional diplomacy gradually was giving way to economic diplomacy aimed at galvanizing and promoting business between the two countries, and equally forging partnerships that could yield multiple benefits for the partnering countries.

He added that both presidents of The Gambia and Turkey continue to direct policies that enhance their position in strengthening their bilateral relation and partnership, and working together for the benefit of the two nations.

He said looking at the composition of diplomats from Aydin, one is convinced that it is a multi-faceted one.

The delegation is here to develop on the bilateral ties, promote business relations, establish new ties, and identify trusted and various ventures in education, agriculture, economy and other cooperation between the two countries, Ambassador Badjie said.

He said business could only take place in a peaceful environment and assured the diplomats that the Gambia government has worked extremely hard over the years to ensure peace, stability and security in the country.

Abdou Jobe, Minister of Trade, said the Ministry of Trade was pleased to welcome the Turkish diplomatic mission to The Gambia.

He said the diverse composition of the diplomatic mission cuts across various sectors of interest, and they are pleased to have the Turkish Embassy for facilitating the mission.

The visit did not happen by chance, but in the 1st quarter of 2014, President Yahya Jammeh led a high-powered delegation to Turkey where different bilateral agreements were signed by the two countries, he said.

This was followed by the tourism mission led by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Minister Jobe said.

He said this mission would further facilitate efforts in the business sector in The Gambia, and the delegation is to network with the Gambia counterparts to help in the training opportunities for both nations.


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