Oxygen for Cure


Living things, especially Humans, need oxygen for all of life processes. When it comes to good health and healing, the essence of oxygen can never be over emphasized. This even accounts for the introduction of oxygen therapy in medical care to sustain life, detoxify the body and to expedite the healing process.

In today’s world, human beings and other living beings are getting less oxygen than centuries ago. Oxygen reserves are being depleted due to the advancement of (sciences and technology) industrialization and subsequent emission of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This has had a negative impact on our environment as we are currently facing unpredictable changes in weather pattern due to global warming.

In addition, due to industrialization and civilization, fewer persons are into agriculture as most farm lands and communities are being converted into industrial hubs.

Another factor which depletes oxygen today is human emotional stress and physical trauma. Emotional stress results in the production of adrenaline and adrenaline hormones utilize oxygen. During physical trauma, the circulatory system is affected. Subsequently, the quantum of oxygen needed for the proper function of tissues and cells significantly reduces. Sickness, diseases and infections use up “free-radical” forms of oxygen to combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Frequent use of drugs to counteract infection also depletes cellular oxygen which is required to metabolize them out of the system.

These conditions if not controlled breaks down the immune system making it susceptible to a number of infirmities. Oxygen is key to good health and research proves that there is a significant difference in the amount of oxygen in a strong healthy person and a chronically ill individual.

The introduction of Aerobic Oxygen (stabilized liquid oxygen) in pharmacology is a breakthrough and a miracle antidote to bad health, toxic bodies, poor response to medical treatment and weak immune systems. Aerobic Oxygen is homeopathic that means it has no side effect to it. It boosts your immune system to fight against chronic diseases, infections, cancers and tumors with testimonies all over the world, people ailing from cancer, (breast, cervix, etc.) diabetes, Lupus (auto-immune diseases) hypertension, asthma, arthritis, candidiasis, tumors (brain), HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, blood clot, varicose veins, fibromyalgia, alcoholism, STD infections, leukemia, kidney and skin infections, Parkinson’s diseases, dementia, etc. have responded favorably to Aerobic Oxygen therapy.

Aerobic oxygen is produced by Good For You Corp., Canada, and has been in existence for close to three decades. It is quite popular in the western part of the globe. In Ghana, Phinas Pharma Limited is the sole marketer and distributor of Aerobic oxygen. It is very easy to administer Aerobic Oxygen. It is liquid and comes in a 2oz (60ml) bottle size. Aerobic Oxygen is dropped in drinking water, milk, fruit juice, which is easily absorbed by the body. Aerobic Oxygen is good for athletes especially sprinters, and people seeking to lose weight and body building.

For enquiries and purchase contact Phinas Pharma Limited, Spintex Road on 0501289992-9. You may visit our facebook pages, Aerobic Oxygen/facebook.com and Phinas Pharma Ltd/facebook.com for more information.


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